• What products or services does Thales buy ? 
  • Go to the "Purchasing Organisation > Segment" heading

  • What benefits and opportunities does Thales offer its Suppliers ? 
  • Go to the "Purchasing Stakes > Vision" heading

  • What are Thales’ expectations of its Suppliers ? 
  • Go to the "Purchasing Stakes > Quality Policy" heading

  • What are Thales expectations from Suppliers ? 
  • Go to the "Suppliers Policy" heading

  • What are Thales’ Supplier relationship programs ? 
  • Go to the "Suppliers Policy" heading

  • How to contact a specific segment ? 
  • Go to the "Contact us > Segment" heading

  • How is Thales Purchasing organised ? 
  • Go to the "Purchasing Organisation > Structure" heading

  • What are Thales’ Purchasing segments ? 
  • Go to the "Purchasing Organisation > Segments" heading

  • Is it possible for a Small or Medium size Enterprise (SME) to become a supplier to Thales ? 
  • Go to the "Purchasing Stakes > Programs" heading

  • What is the Thales Supplier selection process ? 
  • Go to the "Selection Process" heading

  • How can I register my company as a Thales Supplier ? 
  • Go to the "Contact us > Provide us" heading

  • What are the next steps after registration ? 
  • Go to the "Selection process" heading

  • How do I access the e-Tools ? 
  • Go to the "E-tools" heading

  • What can the e-Tools be used for ? 
  • Go to the "E-tools" heading

  • Who do I contact if I experience a website navigation problem ? 
  • Go to the "Need help" heading

  • How can I access the Thales Division Supplier portal ? 
  • Go to the "Access To" and after click on the portal concerned

  • How can I become a supplier to a Thales Division ? 
  • Go to the "Contact Us > Provide Us" heading

  • Which countries does Thales buy from ? 
  • Go to the "Purchasing Stakes > Mapping" heading











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